27 Saw Mill River Rd, Hawthorne, NY

(914) 347-8220

27 Saw Mill River Rd, Hawthorne, NY
(914) 347-8220

WINES BY THE GLASS…listed from lightest to heaviest

sparkling – spumante

Prosecco NV – Tenuta S. Anna – ‘bubbly & exciting’ with floral notes and delicate bubbles.  9/34
Spumante NV – Asti Nando, Piemonte ‘flirtatious & sweet’ honeysuckle and crisp effervescence.  9/34  


 Pinot Grigio – 2017 – Pinot Grigio Sant’Anna, Veneto – ‘fresh & light’ green apple fruit and dry finish.  9/34
Sauvignon 2019 Little Sheep New Zealand  ‘refreshing & fruit-driven’ tropical fruits & fun minerals.  9/34
Chardonnay – 2016 – Clos Anais Napa Valley CA  ‘creamy & round’ the right amount of oak and balance.  10/36
Riesling – 2018 – Crnko Slovenia ‘fragrant & sweet’ late harvested grapes yield sweetness in every sip.  10/37


        Rose – 2018 – Cantele Puglia ‘tantalizing & pink’ higher skin contact with deeper color & red fruit.  10/38


Pinot Noir – 2018 – Salvalai Veneto ‘complex & elegant’ higher skin contact with deeper color and red fruit.  11/40
Chianti – 2017 – Famiglia Castellani ‘suave & laid back’ finishes juicy and long with playful cherry nuances.  9/34
Montepulciano 2017 Illuminati Abruzzo ‘supple & zingy’ bright with licorice aromas pair with most foods.  10/38
Malbec – 2018 – Bodega Benegas, Argentina majestic & passionate’ powerful aromatics & polished tannins.  10/38
SuperTuscan 2018 Remole Toscana vibrant & spirited’ intensely violet in colors hint at blackcurrant spices.  10/39
Cabernet Sauv – 2017 – Ironstone Lodi CA – ‘dynamic & powerful’ layers of concentrated fruit come in silky waves.  12/45
Negroamaro – 2017 – Terragnolo Puglia ‘luxurious & full’ dark fruits and late harvested grapes hint at mature sugars.  12/46


RosAperol Spritz – Negroamaro Rose` Bubbly Aperol Flamed Orange Peel  12

iL Boss – Buffalo Trace Bourbon Grand Marnier Cointreau Squeezed Lemon Basil Aromatics  13

Per Pera – Grey Goose Pear Elderflower Pear Nectar  12

Hibiscus Collins – The Botanist Gin Hibiscus Flower Sparkling Citrus  14

Cello Messicano – Espolon Mezcal Limoncello GrapeFruit Cilantro  13

BelloBellini – Prosecco Peach Vodka  Bubblly Peach Juice  12

Mule on 9 – Montenegro Amaro & Campari  Squeezed Lime Ginger Beer  13


On Draft

Captain Lawrence Kolsch Elmsford NY  6

Stella Artois  Euro Lager Belgium  6

Peroni Euro Lager Italy  6

Yonkers Vienna Lager Yonkers NY  7

Wolf Pup Sessionable IPA LA California  6

 Newburgh Megaboss IPA NY  7

KoldOne Pilsner Millhouse  Poughkeepsie  7

 Juice Bomb Sloop Brewing Hopewell Jct NY  8


omission gluten free pale ale  7

corona latin lager mexico  6

budweiser american lager missouri  5

bud light light lager missouri  5

heineken euro lager holland  6

heineken light light lager holland  6

 dos equis latin lager mexico  6

 sam smiths oatmeal stout england  7

The tramonto wine program is in a stage of rebirth and we’re excited to provide a great selection of wines to accompany the new level of elevated Italian cuisine we showcase. The collection of wines will focus on Italy as that’s where our heart is, but also American varietals because that’s where our home is, along with hand picked international varietals and blends that peak our palates interest and compliment our style. Our Wine Program will grow and evolve as we will and each time you dine with us, you will find exciting options hand picked for your enjoyment. We offer reliable classics, obscure varietals and recognizable producers. Our aim is to elevate your dining experience, hopefully you will try something new that you enjoyed with us while doing so.


“I’ve driven past Tramonto for years without going in. But our neighbors said they make the best wood stove pizza in the area, and so we tried it. It’s so pretty inside, and the wait staff is pitch-perfect. Beautiful restaurant for a special occasion or just a quiet Friday night.”

-Suzy A

“I’m Italian so you know I have to be fussy to eat Italian food but this is like Grandma’s cooking one of the best meals I’ve ever had thank you very much for your food waitressing and hospitality”

-Dominic Frassino